The Trusted and Reliable Roofing Contractors in Cobham

Cobham lies 8 miles to the west of Epsom. DCR and Sons are proud to serve domestic and commercial customers in this small Surrey town as trusted roofing contractors with an excellent reputation for high quality workmanship and reliability. We specialise in roofing repairs and installations, delivering all services at friendly, competitive rates.

We have grown from being a general building company to become Cobham’s first-choice roofing contractors. While much of our work is focused on roofing repairs, DCR& Sons can accommodate all related exterior maintenance work. From replacement soffits and fascias to the repair or removal of chimney stacks, our team can do it all.

Our roofing contractors undertake work directly for clients or, if required, we can undertake insurance-related roofing repairs. We are particularly adept at handling storm damage work and because we have our own network of trusted suppliers, we can fit replacement tiles and slates from all major brand manufacturers including Redland, Marley and DT Stone.

EPDM and GRP Fibreglass Roofing in Cobham

GRP fibreglass roofing has grown to become one of the safest and most popular choices in the world of flat roofing repairs. Home and business owners in Cobham benefit from an innovative product that lasts for at least 25 years, can be easily repaired in the future and is strong enough to be walked on – making it perfect for use as a rooftop garden platform.

The durability of GRP fibreglass roofing makes it suitable for all applications and because there’s such a wide range of colours to choose from, it can be installed to integrate perfectly with existing themes and surroundings. Because fibreglass has no intrinsic value, the use of GRP as a flat roofing product won’t attract the attention of thieves.

Property owners in the Cobham area can also have flat roofing repaired with the innovative Rubberbond™ Fleeceback™ system, a durable EPDM product with a potential lifespan of 50 years. Rubberbond™ Fleeceback™ can quite literally be a lifetime investment and is fast becoming the preferred choice for large-scale flat roofing repairs.